Good Guys vs the Weird Alliance! new Ganesha sci-fi rule test

The town looks empty: only the Prisoner is visible, but the Weird Alliance’s forces are lying around, ready to ambush the Good Guys looking for their comrade… So, here’s the setting for our test of the new sci-fi rules by Andrea Sfiligoi, which can be played with just a few figures or full squads.

FOTO 013

Here’s the Weird Alliance forces: humans and zombies led by a gorilla.

FOTO 014
On the other side, the Good Guys: elves…

FOTO 015

…more elves, and human marines, led by a psyonic leader (psyonic, is that a word?)

FOTO 016
And here’s the Prisoner, up in the building.

FOTO 017

The Weird Alliance decide to focus against the elves group, using the Sniper

FOTO 018

But the first victim is a Weird Alliance human!

FOTO 019

On the right, a close combat between the Gorilla and some elves, while some of the Weird Alliance renegades are shooting to no avail (bad dice!)

FOTO 020

The Gorilla, having no weapons but some Powergloves and an heavy armour, charged the sniper who miracolosuly survives (again, bad dice…)

FOTO 021

The Good Guys are advancing slowly, and another renegade attacks the psyonic, but again to no avail (go to Lourdes, guys).

FOTO 022
And when the Good Guys finally attack, the Weird Alliance Spy (who is moving stealthy, hoping not to be noticed) is immediately killed by the psyonic’s psy power, while the marines shoot down the zombie…

FOTO 023
…and an elf drive his blade into the enemy’s heart.

FOTO 025

The other elves, against any bet, manage to resist the Gorilla…

FOTO 026
…who is hit, with no support!

FOTO 027

Everyone jumps into the scrum and, after much resistance, two elves are killed.

FOTO 028

But the marines and the psyonic show all of their value!

FOTO 029
The Gorilla sooon finds himself alone, and must surrender. Victory to the Good Guys! Yee!

FOTO 030


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